Expect the Real Estate Market to Make a Strong Comeback in 2014

As the economy continues to weaken, the real estate market has also started showing signs of weakness. Real estate developers and banking experts are predicting the official burst of the Indian property bubble.


Yes, it’s a fact that real estate prices across the country has softened in the visibly in the six months and have fallen between 1-6% across 22 cities out the 26 that are tracked by the NHB Index. For those who are in the know, feel that the current situation would last at least till the next general elections – developers would suffer some losses as investors and buyers would rather hang on to their money, hoping that property prices would fall further.

The general consensus is that the Indian real estate market and to a degree, even the banking sector doesn’t follow a logic, the kind that dictates the rise and fall prices which had led to the near collapse of the real estate market in the USA a couple of years back. What this means is that while the general slowdown of the economy would hurt sales, we would certainly not suffer a collapse, even a temporary one.

The fact is that even though the pace of sales has gone down, they are still happening. Let’s understand this simple fact that the negative sentiments of economic and political uncertainty is causing buyers to shy away.

Yes, there was an expectation that with the fall in the value of the rupee, NRI would be the first to come in and take advantage of the situation by investing heavily in property. That hasn’t happened as much as we had all hoped because people felt even though with the depreciation of the currency, the property they would invest in would be 20% cheaper. However, since the times are so uncertain, buyers were scared that if the rupee depreciates even further they still lose out.

That thankfully hasn’t happened. The rupee has already started showing signs of making a strong comeback, a full eight months before anyone had predicted. Investors who were holding back would now really rush in to invest. Prices are still down, but for how long will they remain so is anybody’s guess.

So I suggest that if you’re planning to purchase the house of your dreams, now’s the time to do so.

Gurgaon – A Dream Destination for Real Estate Investors

When New Delhi got exhausted, Gurgaon exploded!

After Delhi, it is the time for NCR to flourish and rise. The rate of investment in NCR, be it Gurgaon or Noida has risen manifolds in the last couple of years. These cities will soon to have the tallest elevated buildings, the widest roads, the swiftest traffic, the glitziest malls and swaggering developers from all over the country.

These cities hold the most promising location for all sectors, be it real estate, hospitality, education or other businesses.  The emerging support from the government towards development in these areas has been promising and makes it all the more lucrative for real estate developers to invest. In fact, most of the private investors are pouring in to make NCR the most happening of all the cities in the country.

The initiative of turning NCR into the most happening of all the locations is now appearing true with the growing efforts of the government in developing the various parts of these regions. The six lane highways, well-built condos and bungalows, shopping at dazzling malls and world class office spaces makes it the most promising location to invest in. Looking at the current investment scenario, Gurgaon is the place to park in.

Gurgaon today serves as a hotspot for residential and commercial sector. Over the years, the demand for property in residential as well as commercial has risen considerably as compared to the situation a decade ago. The enormous rise in property investors is clearly evident by the fact that Gurgaon is the booming destination for property investors of all types.

Orris Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading real estate developers in the town has multiple projects, ongoing and upcoming in Delhi-NCR. Adding to the credits, Orris has also made inroads into New Gurgaon with projects spreading across Sector 85 to Sector 90. The project type ranges from commercial to residential to widely spread townships.

To highlight on the commercial sector, Orris’s project ‘Floreal Towers’ on NH-8 is in full swing. Floreal Towers is the first green building coming up on NH-8 spreading over 7 acres of land with

5 lac sq. ft. space utilization for state of the art architecture and technology. Another commercial infrastructure coming up on NH-8 is Orris Business Square, strategically located in Sector-82A with world class features and amenities.

Drawing attention towards residential sector, Orris has developed various projects such as Carnation Residency, Aster Court and Aster Court Premier, which are built on a sprawling 29 acres of land at the prime location of New Gurgaon. The list doesn’t end here. Orris is all set to launch Greenopolis and Spring Homes at the most prestigious location in New Gurgaon.

With so many projects in pipeline, Orris is all set to change the face of New Gurgaon.

We build Homes, Not Just Houses…

“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.” – Phillip Moffitt

Well said and rightly deserved. By each one of you!

Realty is growing at a prolific rate, and so are the dreams of finding a perfect blend between comfort and luxury and sustainable living. Constructing homes is thus, more significant a need for developers than mere infrastructural advancement. At Orris, we intertwine these essentials and take immense pride in accomplishing nothing but the best. We create and assure a place that comforts your senses, uplifts your moods and ensures a healthy living amidst everyday routine and work pressure.

Our vision lies in striving towards incorporating the very ‘essence’ that makes every house a home. And not just that, Team Orris makes sure that in building and nurturing dreams, we deliver a mix of everything with something for everyone. In the current fast-paced scenario, finding a perfect living is a dream that many aspire for, but seldom achieve. To accomplish this disparity, Orris extends an absolutely stunning range of residential projects which include all the features to make your dream home a reality.

Curio City is one such residential venture. Its innovative environment boasts of the finest of facilities, including club, leisure and community areas offering modern cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, all carefully planned to complement your discerning lifestyle. Comfort, Style and Nature- a package that nurtures and strengthens family bonding is the very premise on which most of our projects rest. Comfort offers relaxation during stressful hours, nature sustains peacefulness and stylish ambience engenders liveliness and keeps your love intact.

In a nutshell, yours dreams are our vision. For us, it’s not merely about building great infrastructure, but what goes behind making it. And the strongest factor which makes us feel so is nothing but your trust and aspirations in building a dream home. Be it the self-sustaining habitat of Greenopolis or the group-housing format of Aster Court, Orris Infrastructure ensures a complete sync between comfort, luxury and peace of mind. And, as we develop our each project, we work with the sublime motto of not just offering you four walls but a real home where life flourishes.

We start from cement and connect to souls. That’ how we create timeless homes!