Education – The Means to Build a New India

As a relatively young nation, India beams high on the global front with its vast youth potential. This youth power can be properly channelised with just one master tool, and that’s education. In sync with the same thought, Orris infrastructure is working towards redefining education for “Building a New India”.

The current state of education in India is very fluctuating. According to World Bank, while 95% of Indian children attend primary school, only 40% go on to secondary school. This drop-out rate seems to be a major reason behind stagnancy of Indian education system. Not just that. The discrepancy in the requisite demand and supply also affects the development of better education opportunities in India. Apart from such macro-variables, certain loopholes exist in the very curriculum that’s been taught since years. For instance, instead of ‘exam-centric’ system, we need to have a more ingrained ‘learning-oriented’ approach in education. This will not only increase average learning achievement levels, but also enhance national talent in the long run.

Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better you do better.” Education today needs to focus on the same fact. India is considered as the best growing hub of human resources. Frankly, it’s not this availability of cheap labour that should set us apart. Rather, we should shine out as one powerhouse of immense talent, especially for other developed nations. With access to better education opportunities in the homeland, we can not only eliminate the problem of brain-drain, but also enhance the socio-economic growth of India.

This growth brings another significant issue of concern, which is the growth of international schools in recent times. With international exposure and world-class education, we are more likely to become the next leader in the field of education. It’s disheartening that though India has a teaching quality par excellence, even then it fails to mushroom the brains.

International school format plans to negate this dichotomy. The growing acceptance of international standards reflects the development of such curriculums that emphasize practical learning rather than rote learning. And that’s a great achievement. At Orris, we realise the need to revolutionise our education system for a better India. With our streamlined education portfolio, we are excited to launch improved education opportunities for every young Indian.

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