Orris believes in creating spaces that inspire life, spaces that infuse life and energy into those lives who want to be part of a better tomorrow. Whether it is architecture, design, conceptualizing residencies or commercial townships, Orris has the wherewithal, talent, expertise, experience and the financial strengthen to make it happen and more importantly, in building a new India. Its real estate services are powered by dreams to offer more than the best to its customers. The core expertise of the company remains real estate. The company has a strong presence in all major domains of real estate business including commercial, residential, township, retail and SEZ.






Orris corporate headquarter is located on MG Road, Gurgaon. It is stunning piece of architecture that has a nice, clean mix of natural stone and wood that makes an exciting environment for the client and for the employees both.



In the gamut of its strategically located ongoing projects Orris has five projects in New Gurgaon and two on Yamuna Expressway. In the new Gurgaon, the company is pioneering in LEED certified green building project through its ambitious commercial infrastructure called Floreal Towers designed by the renowned architect ACPL is spread across half a million sq.ft.


In residential segment Carnation Residency, Aster Court and Orris Aster Court Premier are the ongoing residential group housing projects, targeting niche customer segment.


Company is also making its mark in the heart of Yamuna Expressway with its ongoing township Greenbay Village spread over 100 acres. Land including a 12 hole golf course.





Among the largest land consolidators of Gurgaon/NCR region, our Group boasts of an impressive land bank of more than 60mn sq.ft.



All our projects are characterised by a debt-fee ideology. This lends credibility to our brand.





Orris is built on trust. We have earned the trust of our customers and stakeholders through our values and practices. We are committed to build a lasting relationship with our stakeholders.



Being a customer centric company we try to set new benchmarks in fulfilling the demands of our clients. Our team comprises of industry experts with a strong sense of ethics. We have also partnered with best names in the industry.





At Orris, we take pride in delivering our projects on time and in many cases, before time. Our construction practices are in harmony with nature. We are environment-friendly and follow eco-friendly practices.

























Vivek Sarawat

Vivek Sarawat

Senior Manager / IBM GPS

“I never knew till I invested in Orris that it was more than an investment with the company. With Orris, it is about building a long-term relationship. I am grateful to the generous advice given by the Orris team in finding my dream home. Orris team members spent days in ensuring that were no imperfections in my transactions. Many thanks for Orris in helping me search my dream home I absolutely agree with this statement. Actions speak louder than words. The fact that your team has been able to keep pace with the construction linked plan shared in the beginning is a very encouraging sign. That is exactly how customer trust is built. Talking about your team, I wish to highlight the personalised service that they have provided. Besides, you guys have been extremely collaborative in terms of collecting the periodic installments that have been due on me. I got late on couple of instances in paying them and you dealt with the situation extremely gracefully. My on-site visits have also been very interactive with your sales team. The sales team was quite aware of the subject have always delighted me by answering the queries to my utmost satisfaction. So far so good. I am thrilled. Now let's wait for actual apartment hand-over date. I hope we would stick to the promised deadline (3 months here & there) right till the completion stage. Wishing you and team all the best. ”

Inder Sachdeva

Inder Sachdeva

Sr. Manager / India Programs (SRGs) inVentiv Health

“I came across Orris to make my first home purchase through couple of relatives and friends. Our confidence to invest with Orris though they were new into the market was based on our due diligence of their long term plans, project specifications and location of the site. Throughout ever since I proceeded to book my apartment with Orris, the dealings have been very transparent. I do keep checking the progress on site and very much satisfied with the pace of work being done so far which is an indicator that project will be delivered as per planned timelines. The most pleasing part is that every time I visit Orris office, there's always someone from CRM available to take care of the purpose of your visit unlike the practice I have seen with other reputed builders who tend to treat you like one of someone who has put in his/her money to make profits. Though the future is yet to be seen, so far I am very satisfied and pleased with my relationship with Orris. Wish the best to Orris family and it's investors!”



“ I never knew till I invested in Orris that it was more than an investment with the company. With Orris, it is about building a long-term relationship. I am grateful to the generous advice given by the Orris team in finding my dream home. Orris team members spent days in ensuring that were no imperfections in my transactions. Many thanks for Orris in helping me search my dream home.”



“We partnered with Orris because of their industry expertise. The relationship was forged on learning. The legal team at Orris was thorough and proficient. They had a comprehensive understanding of the market. They made us understand the nuts and bolts of our collaboration. All discussions and negotiations were handled professionally and helped us take the crucial decision.”



“I would have invested in other realty companies. But after having found out about Orris credentials, I decided to invest in Orris because of their overwhelming trust to their stakeholders. They have a high degree of patience and skill to see it through rendering follow up and after-deal services. The quality of their services is matchless. ”



“After due diligence, I decided to collaborate with Orris on a bilateral partnership. In a short span of time, Orris has risen to an organisation of credibility and integrity. I should admit it was an open and transparent deal brokered in the most efficient manner. The paper work was done diligently and completed on time. I would recommend Orris to all I know for their excellent professional qualities.”



“In the few years I have known them, I have come to know Orris as a company with values. I got in touch with Orris when I was looking for an investment. The team at Orris assisted me all through sensitising me with the right advice and suggestions. They would go at length in explaining the nitty-gritty of everything that was involved. I have no hesitation in recommending Orris to anyone who is looking forward to have a meaningful and valuable association.”



“I was wondering who should I pledge my money till I found out Orris is the right place for a solid future investment. I found Orris extremely professional and ethical in their dealings. There was no hidden cost or any fine print. Even after the transactions were complete, they were more than willing to offer assistance and help.”



“With Orris, you can expect the best. As a real estate company, they rose up to my expectations. I was not sure in the first place when I approached Orris. They have been relatively new to the industry. But their dealings and the way they conducted each and every transaction caught my attention. The team at Orris are conscious and conscientious of what they do. They did a fine job of handholding and later helping me arrive at a decision which I was happy with. I would highly recommend Orris as a truly professional organisation.”



“Orris is more than a real estate company. I immensely benefited out of the collaboration. After my initial interaction, I realised that they have a vision and are founded in values that benefit the society at large. Their approach is very holistic. Their attitude in giving back to the society impressed me a lot. Orris is a role model for all real estate companies. They reinforce a lot of trust and their conscious decision to be socially responsible is something that others should emulate.”

Richa Arora

Richa Arora

“With Orris, my investment is long-term, safe and secure. They are professional yet have a friendly touch. Because of their long exposure and years of experience in the real estate sector, they have a remarkable hold on the parameters that define and dictate prices. I found out they have the largest land bank in the NCR and that gives them a big leeway in ensuring the customers are kept happy. My first and last choice would be Orris.”

Kirti Pratap Singh

Kirti Pratap Singh

“When I started searching and doing my research, I didn’t know Orris existed. After due diligence, I started interacting with team members at Orris. I even did comparisons somewhere midway. Orris stood above the rest on most of the parameters I had in mind. They are diligent for sure. Their services are of high quality. It was a pleasant surprise to interact with Orris after having lived abroad for many years. I liked their passion and commitment. They had no hesitation in answering to my queries or tending to my numerous concerns, always with a smile. Orris is a wonderful organisation.”
































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